Most beautiful ideas for your Christmas decoration

Decoration ideas for your Advent wreath

First one, then two, then three, then four ... When all the candles are lit, the Christ Child is at the door! The beautiful tradition of the Advent wreath belongs to the Christmas season like the snow to winter; with him there is immediately anticipation for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

On this page you will find pictures of the most beautiful Advent wreaths, decoration ideas and instructions to make yourself - from classics made from fir branches to great new interpretations!

Decoration ideas for your Advent wreath

In the weeks before Christmas, the Advent wreath forms the center of a beautiful ritual: a new candle is lit every Sunday in Advent. This symbolic increase in light embodies the expectation of the birth of Jesus Christ, who is... also referred to as the light of the world in the Christian faith. The Advent wreath usually also pictures the beautiful center of the Christmas decorations.

You can now buy Advent wreaths in every flower shop, in many supermarkets or hardware stores. The classic Advent wreath comprises a wreath of needle branches they placed on which four pillar candles with candle holders. Many florists individualize the Advent wreath as desired.

When planning your own Advent wreath, it is best to orientate yourself on your living style and the color palette in the room. If necessary, we can also use existing Christmas decorations as a guide.

For a harmonious overall picture, it is advisable to choose two colors and / or materials. An acceptable alternative to the classic Advent wreath are various candle holders that offer space for four candles. For example, the Kubus 4 from by Lassen has become a popular replacement for Advent wreaths. The Gloria model by Muuto is also very suitable as a modern Advent wreath.

The right place for your Advent wreath

It should also consider the space for the Advent wreath before purchasing. Since this highlight of the Christmas decoration accompanies us throughout Advent, it should be present, but not get in the way.

In living rooms with children, it should place the Advent wreath in such a way that the little ones cannot reach it and the following applies: I must never leave the burning Advent wreath out of sight!

A large dining table or sideboard usually works well. The hanging Advent wreath is a space-saving alternative - at the same time a beautiful lighting element above the couch or dining table. When hanging the Advent wreath, it is important to have a stable attachment, preferably on a hook in the ceiling. There are ready-made suspensions to buy, but you can also simply make it yourself from four ribbons of the same length.

I should hang the Advent wreath at least one and a half meters from the wall and ceiling so that nothing can happen when lighting. Make sure that the candle holders have enough draining surface so that no wax drips onto the table or floor.

Make an Advent wreath yourself

Tie a wreath as a base: If you want to tie your Advent wreath yourself, you first need a straw or styrofoam wreath in the desired size as a base. Both are available in the florist, craft or hardware store. We can wrap the base with (coniferous) twigs, dried flowers or fabric. Here are the instructions for tying a flower wreath .

Decorate the Advent wreath: I insert four candle holders into the finished wreath for the candles. The classic is the even arrangement with the same spacing. An asymmetrical arrangement can also look nice. It is important that the candles have enough distance from the branches and everything else that can burn. I can number the candles with wax plates or labels.

The classic Advent wreath with fir branches

The classic Advent wreath comprises coniferous branches. The branches of fir, pine, box or juniper are suitable. So that they stay fresh for a long time and the Advent wreath does not needle, you can cut the branches at an angle before tying them and put them in the water for a day or two. Then simply seal the interface with hot glue or candle wax. 

Another durability tip: spray hairspray thinly on the branches. Now the wreath can bet: To do this, fasten the branches to the wreath in turns with craft wire so that the new branch covers the previous one. Make sure that no bald spots remain visible!

They often decorate a classic Advent wreath with pine cones, ivy leaves and other found objects from nature. Small animal figurines or beautiful Christmas tree balls also go well with the needle ring .For a uniform image you should limit yourself to a few dominant colors and elements because the same applies to the Creative ideas for your Advent wreath.

Besides the classic Advent wreaths, there are also wreaths made of paper, fabric or wooden balls and many ideas for the decor. Arrangements can also be a pleasant alternative to the classic Advent wreath. 

A tray or a large bowl are also suitable as a base for the Christmas decoration with four candles and offer enough space for playful details. Anything you like is suitable for decorating the Advent wreath - from painted pine cones to self-made pendants to Christmas tree decorations or tinsel.

Simple advent wreaths

Simply captivates - even at Christmas time! We can also keep the Advent wreath very simple and still a great eye-catcher. High-quality candles and a beautiful candle holder are often enough to decorate an Advent wreath. Monochrome Advent wreaths are beautiful, for example all in white.

Details made of wood quickly give them the popular, Scandinavian touch. Christmas it gets with single needle or berry branches or homemade Christmas stars made of paper.

Opulent advent wreaths in gold

Those who would like it to be elegantly glittering or shimmering can rely on gold tones and glitter elements. The Advent wreath is beautiful when it's indirectly illuminated with a chain of lights.

For gold and glitter lovers there is also the option of spraying branches or twigs in gold or attaching gold balls to the Advent wreath. Everything that has to do with glitter also looks good on the Advent wreath.

Playful Advent wreaths with lots of colorful details

Colorful balls, gingerbread, candy canes, sweets - the Advent wreath can also be playful and brightly colored. If your interior is also rather unusual and colorful, you can also let your creativity run free when designing your Advent wreath.

A hanging wreath to which colorful pendants can be-attached might be just the right idea. Also nice: a gathering of various creeps or figures made of colored craft wire around the four candles of the Advent arrangement.