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The Cream pointed Siamese and Balinese cat is a light red, apricot colored pointed cat with its body being a light creamy white. It is the dilute form of the Red point, which is why this red variation tends to always be lighter than its true red counterpart though it can take a year or more to fully distinguish between a Cream and Red point. Balinese kittens emerge all white or all cream in colour. The Balinese cat colours, as seen the darker hues in its legs, face, ears, and tail, can come in a wide variety of hues. Are Balinese cats really hypoallergenic? Whilst no cat is such, this breed has been noted to produce fewer amounts of the allergy-triggering proteins.

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However, careful and selective breeding is essential to ensure the Balinese remains a healthy breed. Originally, there were only four recognised colours in the breed, but over time this has increased to incorporate quite a few more. Appearance. The Balinese is a very elegant, fine boned cat and one that moves very gracefully.

Balinese cat colours. The Balinese is available in solely the 4 conventional Siamese point-restricted colours: seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac, if the CFA is your affiliation of alternative. Different associations acknowledge the Balinese in colours of purple, cream, tortoiseshell (a combination of black and pink or their dilute colours, additionally known as. The hair on the Balinese is not really long but is medium in length. You can see the length best by looking at the fur on the tail. The coat is soft and silky and has no undercoat. Personality: The Balinese is an active, vocal cat as befits a Siamese descendent. Cat trees and high perches are necessary equipment when you live with a Balinese. The original pointed cat was the Siamese, and many years later, the Himalayan was developed by crossing Siamese with Persian cats. Many other breeds of pointed cats are now accepted by cat registries, including Ragdoll, Ragamuffin, Birman, Exotic, Balinese, and Javanese. Breed registries disallow pointed patterns in most other breeds.

The accepted colours were initially the same as those of these Siamese – seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. In the late 1970s, red, cream, and the tabby pattern were added although they were referred to as Javanese rather than Balinese. More recently, the other colours and bicolours have all been deemed acceptable as colours of the Balinese. The cat was eventually named the ‘Balinese’ because people thought that the cat was athletic and graceful just like the beautiful Balinese dancers. While the Balinese was recognised and accepted for registration in 1961 it was only for traditional Siamese point colours, not the wider variety of colours. The medium-length single coat is fine and silky, lying flat against the skin. Balinese colours vary between organisations. Some cat associations only permit the traditional Siamese colours of Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac, other colours are shown under the breed name of Javanese. Males are usually larger than females. Temperament

The Balinese and Siamese Cat Club was formed in 1988. Characteristics of the Balinese Cat. The Balinese cat has distinctive almond shaped eyes that slant towards the nose and are deep blue in colour. The ears of the Balinese cat are large and pointed. The coat of the Balinese cat is long, fine and silky with a plume-like tail. In the Cat Fanciers' Association, the Javanese, now a sub-breed, is a generally Balinese-ancestry cat with a coat that does not follow the traditional and strictly defined point coloration patterns of the Balinese. Well into the 1990s, it was still permissible to back-cross Javanese to Balinese,. The Balinese is bred in four colours. You may see cats of basically the same type, but with different markings - these are known as Javanese, and are not recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), though they are by the Cat Fancy Association (CFA). 'Seal Point' - Points are seal brown, body is cream shading to warm fawn on the.

The Brief History of the Balinese Cat Breed Just looking at these distinguished kittens will clue you in as to their definite Siamese heritage. The fact is that they are a result of a spontaneous long-haired mutation in the Siamese, but past breeding between the Siamese, Persian and Turkish Angora Cats also play a role. While longhaired Siamese kittens were not improbable, tracing the history. The Balinese is a long-haired breed of domestic cat with Siamese-style point coloration and sapphire-blue eyes. The Balinese is also known as the purebred long-haired Siamese, since it originated as a natural mutation of that breed and hence is essentially the same cat with a medium-length silky coat and a distinctively plumed tail.. As is the case with their short-haired counterparts, a. Crosses of Siamese and Balinese of all varieties with silvers of any variety are prohibited. At the breeder’s request, the FIFe member may grant exceptions. In such cases the FIFe Member will be responsible for the determination of the colours of the offspring.

Disclaimer: The International Cat Association, Inc.® (TICA®) Does Not Endorse any of the breeders, products, or services on this page unless otherwise noted. Please read our Disclaimers . Balinese Breed At first, the Cat Fanciers Association categorized the Javanese as a distinct breed, separated from the Balinese by color, but in 2008 the Javanese was declared a division of the Balinese breed. The International Cat Association also considers the Javanese a variety of Balinese and places both in its Siamese grouping of breeds. The Balinese comes in the same point colors as the Siamese: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. The eyes are always a deep, vivid blue. The Traditional Cat Association recognizes a Balinese of a different type: one with a more rounded head and body.

Balinese cat originated from short-haired Siamese cats, when long-haired kittens started to appear in their purebred offspring in the beginning of 30s. First officially registered long-haired kitten was born in Siamese cat couple in 1928 in the USA. Such incidents happened quite regularly, but the breeders tried to keep this out of the public. Siamese Cat Colors: Tabby Points. The tabby points are said to be the tabby version of any of the nine basic colors of Siamese cat. The face especially around the eyes and nose, should be having clear defined striped markings. The forehead has a distinct marking of M. The ears may have a pattern of a thumbprint. The graceful Balinese can be described as a Siamese cat in a long coat. The fine-boned, slim Balinese is a stylish cat with a slender body. The coat of a Balinese is fine and silky which lies close to the body and the lack of an undercoat reduces the likelihood of matting.. The Balinese was originally recognised in four colours - seal (dark.

This page features Siamese and Balinese cat photographs that show what the cat’ color points look like as they grow into adult hood. Please note, these cats are NOT available for sale, their photo’s are used purely as informative and educational tools to help you visually understand what your kitten of a particular color point variety will grow up to like like in terms of their color point.

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